REV’ (Companies Network & Valley of Frescoes), the Partners’ Club

Looking to develop its activity and open up to the professional world, the EPPC (Public Establishement for Cultural Cooperation) Abbey of Saint-Savin sur Gartempe and Valley of Frescoes created a Partners’ Club entitled REV’ (Companies Network & Valley of Frescoes).

Their purpose is to unite partners around this monument of the UNESCO’s world heritage, in order for them to benefit from its international reputation, to contribute to the organization of major cultural and artistic events, and to organize within the Abbey of Saint-Savin promotional events for the Club.

Benefits related to the law n°2003-709 regarding sponsorship (NB: 60% tax deduction on donations/subscriptions) apply, so we offer a large range of compensations according to the extent of the partnership.

Through the presentation document below, we invite you to discover the EPPC offer and the values we wish to share with you through this partnership.



A unique network created in 2014 which includes major ancient monastic centers from the Poitou-Charentes region transformed into touristic and cultural sites:

  • Royal Abbey of Celle-sur-Belle (79),

  • Abbey of Saint-Amant de Boixe (16) – Romanesque architecture space,

  • Royal Abbey of Saint-Jean d’Angély (17), European Cultural Center,

  • Abbey of Saint-Savin-sur-Gartempe (86), UNESCO World Heritage

  • Abbey « aux Dames », Musical center, Saintes (17)

  • Abbey of Fontdouce, Saint-Bris-des Bois (17)

  • Abbey of Trizay (priory St John The Evangelist, 17), Contemporary Art Center

These locations, with a major historical impact for the region, share common values and exemplify a relation established for centuries between man-made monuments and the landscape where all these establishments succeeded in playing their part. Centers of the monastic History, they played a crucial part in the spiritual, cultural, artistic as well as political, economic and social influence of this history, these structures are now gathered in one network.

This network invites to a conference at the Abbey of Saint-Savin on Thursday, October 15th, 2015, entitled “Considering an abbey as a structural element of the territory”.

This first conference of the network aims at creating a space for dialogues on flourishing topics (cultural mediation, communities and heritage…).


The Heritage Listing Department of the Poitou-Charentes region

The architectural, intangible or tangible, heritage is particularly extensive in the Poitou-Charentes region and represents an important factor of cultural, social, touristic and economic development for the area. That is why the region has been carrying out a policy for promoting the area: through scientific studies, mediation, historical monuments restorations, regional support and artworks purchase for museum. The Heritage Department is in charge of developing these actions, including listing the cultural heritage..

General inventory of the cultural heritage

For 40 years, inventory operations have led to a great amount of documentation about more than 57 000 buildings and objects, in 821 towns of the region. To share this history and heritage knowledge with the inhabitants, the department regularly develops several mediation and promotion actions: books, conferences, free exhibitions, online publications and discoveries, as well as innovative digital projects

More information about the Abbey of Saint-Savin:


Touristic Agency of Vienne

Unusual encounters, mysterious places, amazing experiences… Whether you are history enthusiast, heritage aficionado, thrill seeker or nature lover: you will never forget your visit!

Between the Châteaux de la Loire and the Marais Poitevin, you will live incredible experiences…

The Touristic Agency of Vienne will guide you to prepare your visit step by step and will suggest you promotions and all-inclusive offers on a regular basis.


Tourist Office of Saint-Savin

Open all year, the Tourist Office of Saint-Savin is the perfect contact to organize your stay (accommodation, where to eat, transportation…) and your activities (sports, heritage, nature…) nearby the Abbey of Saint-Savin.


The Interpretation Center of Roc-aux-Sorciers

One of the most beautiful villages of France is located only 15 minutes away from Saint-Savin. In Angles-sur-l’Anglin, there is an exceptional prehistoric site: a 20 meter-long sculpted friezed, which is 15 000 years old and renowned as the “Lascaux” of sculpture.

The Interpretation Center of Roc-aux-Sorciers proposes an encounter with these prehistoric men. Thanks to innovative and playful reproductions, you will discover an exceptional art: monumental sculpture..


Ecomuseum of the Montmorillonnais

Since 1987, the Ecomuseum of the Montmorillonais is devoted to the study, discovery, promotion and transmission of the Montmorillon area’s rural heritage. The Ecomuseum asserts the identity of the Montmorillonais and highlights local remembrance and savoir-faire.

The Center for Interpretation of Rural History opened in 2008 in Juillé and proposes a cultural journey to discover the relations between men, the environment and agriculture throughout history.

A professional team, who ensures study missions, is settled in Montmorillon and welcomes you all year for educational and touristic activities.

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