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The only murals of their kind in the world

A rich and varied iconographic program

Most of the pictural program of every part of the church was preserved. The several cycles that echo each other on the walls and the vaults in different parts of the church are delightful. On the entry porch, dedicated to The Apocalypse, is added the program of The Passion, The Resurrection of Jesus, which decorates the walls and the vault of the high tribune. To all these paintings on the tower porch are added, on the nave’s barrel, about fifty episodes of the Old Testament taken from the Books of Genesis and Exodus.

A 460m2 picture book at more than 17 meters from the floor!

The vault of the nave itself is about 460m²: if all of its decorative scenes were put together end-to-end, it would give a 168 meter-long by more than 2.5 meter-large strip. The choir of the abbey church adds more paintings to this décor with the crypt’s murals, decorating almost all the walls with saints Savin and Cyprien’s martyrdom.

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